Toyko Randomness

So I’ve been here for just a bit over ten days now and am just beginning to get settled in. I know my directions now and I am getting to know my hood. The subway and train system is insane but I’m figuring that out too. The food here rocks. Ramen has been my staple but I’m moving on. The above phot is of the awesome Prada building in Aoyama designed by Herzog and De Mueron. So nice and classy. Too bad such a nice building is wasted on a fashion outlet. Below is some other randomness that I’ve been seeing.
I was walking around Ikebukuro the other day and suddenly saw this tower. What the hell is it? Does anyone know? It’s got a couple windows on it and it wasn’t emitting any smoke or steam so I don’t think it’s a power station. It looks relatively modern too.
Puffer fish. An aquarium of death. I have yet to try this dangerous delicacy. I heard it’s delicious.
My good friend and spiritual brother from another mother, Akira, is back in Tokyo and he took me to see his friend who runs the only isolation chamber in Tokyo. I had been hearing about this thing forever and have been wanting to try it for so long. It was a really cool experience.
An hour and a half went by like it was 20 minutes and my mind went off while I was floating in the warm, body temp water in total sensory deprivation. They say it’s like being in the womb again. I’m not sure about that, but I did have a huge craving for a glass of milk afterwards. I wouldn’t try this if you are the least bit claustrophobic. If your in Tokyo and want to give it a shot or you just want to learn more check out the Ecco Project.
Seryna in Roppongi is one of Jackie’s favorites. Beef downstairs and Japanese hairy crab upstairs. It’s a real old school joint with waiters in vests in bow ties and the waitresses in kimonoes. The beef is like butter and the crab is the sweetest you’ll ever have.