cranes, museums, and rock

Big accident on the 405, it must have been bad, and the guy driving was “charred” according to the news reports. Getting past it took well over an hour and a half. The truck had a huge crane in the back, and somehow that crane fell off and actually went onto the southbound traffic. It was bad. The cab of the truck was just black. Condolences to his family. It’s weird how my arm is in the reflection in the photo.

Baseman! One neat thing about the museum is that art is taken super serious. Compared to how we handle work, which I think isn’t bad at all, they are really strict. Gloves are important! I’m sure MOCA or LACMA would be even more strict.

Eishi Takaoka is in the house. He enjoys standing next to dumpsters.

Saelee, Clement, and Eishi loading in a serious industrial elevator. Museums are pretty neat. Behind the nice clean walls of the galleries is some crazy offices, and funny people.

Whoa, what’s this? It’s Thurston Moore at Echoplex wearing a Halloween costume. The Echoplex is close to the museum actually.

Even without his Sonic Youth band, his solo act rocks. I especially liked it when he got rid of the acoustic guitar and went electric. Thurston Moore is one of my guitar heroes. Not the game, but for real.

Saelee Oh gets on the ladder for more late night work.