Hawaii and Tokyo

Was just in Hawaii last week for the Hawaii International Film Festival. The Heavenly Kings made it’s second to last festival and we were able to bring the whole crew minus Terence out. It was a great time. We also got to hook up with the Finishing the Game posse. Justin Lin, Roger Fan and Dustin Nguyen. It’s such a funny film. If you haven’t seen it, you gotta go check it out!!! That’s Roger, Andrew, Conroy, Me, Patrick Lee of alivenotdead.com and the legendary Dustin Nguyen.

Inside the JAL lounge in HK. What’s with these single seats? Looks like these dudes are sitting on a bus or something.

I went scuba diving with the Alive Not Dead crew and made the big mistake of having a Whopper for breakfast. After the first dive I started to feel a bit queezy and when we got to the second spot I ran to the back of the boat to spew. As soon as it hit the water, hundreds of trigger fish came to the surface and ate it all up!! Pretty neat and gross at the same time. Who knew trigger fish liked Whoppers?
This is the weirdest design I’ve ever seen. A Hawaiian lamp with a data port in the base? Weird specially because the data cable coming out of the wall was actually closer than this over designed port. These will end up at Goodwill a few years from now.

This is happening everywhere around the world. We must put a stop to it! Please help save innocent bugs like these from needless death!

And now I’m in Tokyo for the next three months. Looking forward to spending some time here.