off and away

So Martin got stuck at the airport and couldn’t get on his flight. Darn, an extra day in Hawaii, I’m sure he’s pounding sand on that note. The HI film fest has it’s weird issues with travel, I heard a lot about it from others too. Tickets not existing, late, confused, no shuttle to and from theater or from the airport for that matter, but then again, there’s still help from the folks when trouble happens. I guess it’s a give and take. But the neat thing is the Ricoh GR is still doing it job. I shot these… the above photo is pretty sharp for a quick shot. You can see Diamond head pretty well.

The arrow I drew is to my hotel (I think). The Sheraton is the weird triangular building on the beach. I guess it’s that shape so they could get as many beach front windows as possible. Look how wide that hotel is! Bad feng shui is what I’ve heard….

This is the inside of Diamond Head. What are those buildings in there?