Last full day in HI.

Streetwear among all the other Waikiki tourist stuff. You just can’t get away from it. They were having a sale, and well, I guess now I have more t-shirts. This is their second spot. The first being near ala Moana shopping mall. They do a good job, their shop is simple, it’s tons and tons of t shirts and some other apparel as well. In4mation store.

Matsugen’s Handmade soba rocks, but this is a pic of their Kobe beef.

I actually ate natto

See the dude making the shave ice? Look at the size of that thing. Shimazu makes them the biggest.

Anderson Le and the Shimazu Shave Ice

Crackseed store. So much temptation.

This is what our slide looks like on the screen at the film festival. Saw Helvetica tonight. I wish Shari Sakahara could see this film. It’s a pretty cool documentary about the font that we use often. See the above photo. As much as it was informative, it also had good music, and had a great feel.