Day 4 – Local Motion

Yeah, you’ve seen the t-shirts, now here’s the place. I’m digging on the pose by the woman in the hat in the background. This place is the tourist trap of the north shore. You walk in, and it’s all about the t-shirts on both sides of the walls. With $2 shave ice, they gotta supplement it. I helped in that economy purchasing some gear. I like shave ice a lot, and I don’t know if this is the best place for it, but it’s not bad. So below… see the guy behind the girl? He’s packing a shave ice? His head comes out of her pony tail… see his hand near his chin. No gloves, and it gets barehanded right on the ice. That’s the local flavor…

Strawberry and Rootbeer

Shrimp trucks are around on the north shore area. Parked like beach whales, they offer the same type of dish, garlic and buttery shrimp. Cooked just right to the point that you can eat the skin if you want.

beached turtles – don’t worry, they’re just basking

Chestnut Tofu

amazing Shabu Shabu experience at Hakkei

Pizza party starring Andrew

The man running shit Anderson Le and the man running Vietnamese American film, Tim Bui