HIFF day 3 – Lance Hahn J Church RIP

My wet dream may not have a room full of naked hot ladies, but you know, I’ll admit, it would have bags and bags of cracked seed. Whoa, I lost it at this booth at the flea market in HI. What was missing from this place? This wasn’t even the entire booth, behind me was even more. I spend $50 on bags of dried everything. I’ll eat it all too. The flea market once had a lot of vintage items, I even bought a small box of sentai vinyl figures, but these days, it’s mostly a vast waste land of new items, t-shirts ($20 for 6), cracked seed, more t shirts, towels, and stuff like that. Surely ebay killed it. We also got bad news that our friend Lance Hahn from J Church passed away (I blogged about it on HB) I’m sure he’s pretty unknown to those readers. We’ll miss him much.

Li Hing pineapple chunks. $3.

Robocon and Shibre (his and her alias from the GR message boards)

Martin, Kamenriderv3, his wife (yeah her name is Chinese and I forgot)

Can’t beat the Shave Ice from here. The locals know about it. But why don’t the Shave Ice foundation of HI, do more promotion? You can’t even find the ice in Waikiki. I could write a lot on this spot, it’s great.

Daniel, Josie, and Conrad, you saw them in a previous GR.
Baby Mao, Sarah Tojo and Anderson Chi Min
The Josie Ho beach front family house, this is only half, there’s another one of these on the grounds and that’s where I’m shooting from.