Smiles all around in HI

My man Lenny, the resident Genius was a pretty good help. He spent time being patient, making sure I didn’t feel dumb, and made sure I understood everything. He worked on three computers at a time, and that was pretty good. Bottom line, he fixed my computer. I swear these dudes/gals make it look easy. Ala Moana mall was all right. They have tons of big time shops like Louis Vuitton, and a bunch of little ones too.

Cracked Seed Center. This place is the best. I ended up with rock salt plum and classic cracked seed.

Rock salt, cracked seed, the one on the right is li hing guava!

Koi at the Ala Moana. I dig fish a lot. I wish I took more time to look at fish.

Weenies and Spam musubi in a normal market

My lunch, the chili with dogs over rice rocked. The mac on the upper left was ok, the noodles on the right was alright. The chicken was decent. This was at the Dole mall food court!
Food land in Ala Moana. Everything looked great, and this was a market!

Daniel and Lisa do the tiger growl

Wendy and Martin do the monkey. Me, the 5th wheel.