Damon and Naomi

Since Martin’s camera isn’t working, and well, since some of the images may go in the mag anyway, here’s what he looked like selling goods. Notice the GR’s on the table? Tons of merch, and a good deal too since you don’t pay shipping, and since Japanese CD’s are expensive! Boris rocks, and plays psychedelic hard rock, and Damon and Naomi… they were great. I’m not sure if they’re better as a simple duo, or with a whole band, but they did sound great. I remember seeing them and Naomi played some weird accordion type instrument. Now a cellist, a sax, and Kurihara on guitar, he’s way right, you can’t see him in the photo.

That’s Naomi in the middle, Damon on the left, and the sax dude on the right. Naomi’s outfits are sponsored by Gary Graham. I don’t know how this all happened, but in the photo above, Naomi is wearing a sequined dress. I’m not sure if it’s a compliment (it would be for me – if I wore a dress – I think?) but the dress looked like chain mail from where I was standing. If I had a short sword, and took a swing, I think Naomi would be singing behind the keyboards.