Hypebeast 2

Mr Jimmy asks: how bizarre. Is hypebeast going in a different direction now or are you? or neither… Were you initially reluctant? Where’s the synergy?

I looked at this and thought… hmm. Interesting viewpoint. I didn’t feel anything odd about it. It just felt like a normal occurence. So here goes some explanations for maybe anyone who cares. In case you don’t know. Hypebeast is one of the premier streetwear blogs. Maybe the premier one, period.

1 Hypebeast now has blogs so that’s new. Maybe they’re changing. I’m staying the same. I won’t wear oversized sunglasses. Hat, if I have one on will be normal pointed forward, not at a 30% angle. My sense of style won’t change since it’s perfect already. I’ll still be awkward in crowds. I don’t own any denim. You won’t see me out a lot at sneaker events. I do like sneakers though, but seldom buy them. My sneakers tend to be beat to shit. I like products, but don’t write about them in blogs too often.
2 Maybe Kevin from Hypebeast is looking for other perspectives, maybe he likes GR (isn’t that possible?!)
3. Synergy? Products, culture, and more. I think there’s a fit. I might not be as “cool” as the streetwear kids, but I do try to innovate, but just in my own way.
4. Was I reluctant? No. If it were Perez Hilton then maybe, but Hypebeast? I figure it’s all about consumer design culture and nice and hardworking people like Kevin, and Mr. Rob Heppler.
5. The direction. Am I going to start writing about GR X (insert blank) daily? No, but I do make stuff sometimes with people, but it’s never “line-up” material. If I knew how to do that, it would be neat. Come to think about it, we’ve had some line-ups before. Barry McGee show and Uglycon and the Tylenol Ouch toys.
6. I’ll aspire to write about friends, life, and projects like I do here, but maybe for a different audience and from a different perspective. I’ll do the best I can, and hope I’m not boring.