the printer

Today, a truck comes and the guy says, they have a shipment. I expect a box or something but it’s larger than that. It’s a big ass box. The new printer. This thing looks like an ink jet, but imagine, it’s 80 pounds. Guess what? We can make archival prints. Hopefully good and big ones too. But don’t get ideas, friends! This is a work tool. I’ll keep you updated as to how it works out and so on.

Maybe we can make prints for Baseman who I met today. Gary Baseman is an interesting fellow. You can know him one way, which is when you seem him out, working and being the public man, then you can know him personally, and well, it’s a bit different, but that’s when you see the diligence, hard work, business, and overall viewpoint of what he’s doing, why, and more. But why he has to look so gangster in his photos, even at a breakfast meeting… I have no idea. Check out Factor’s Deli on Pico one day, it’s a pretty good place. Gary’s going to be in the GR Biennale, so we were trying to work out some details.