One of the best things about doing a magazine and having occasional typos is that I don’t feel as bad when I see the big guys do it. I really wish there was a place called IDADO, it’s actually better sounding than Idaho. The funny thing is that if you look at Google, there’s a bunch of IDADOs in there. Some are real, but many are screw ups. I guess maybe that’s the secret way to spell Idaho in these areas. Either way, I like to see these mistakes on huge media companies websites, and how they get away with crappy quality when they’re supposed to be perfect. On the other hand, people make fun of us when we make mistakes, but IDADO, no we won’t do that. We screw up on Toyko and Hong King, instead. If the allegedly gay Senator, Clark should be in a HOF it should be IDADO along with OJ’s clown cop, Mark Fuhrman.