The nice sunday

West Hollywood book fair today, Michelle is handling a table with David Horvath signing from 1-3. Let’s hope it goes well.

Deadlines. It just keeps going. What do we do when a magazine is weeks late? I guess we just work it out till it gets done. But it’s the latest in a while. Keep your seat belts on. Issue 50 is pretty much sold out, so our printer better hurry.

Broken ipod 3g. All of a sudden the Apple logo won’t go away until the battery dies, but then still nothing happens after I plug it in, the Apple logo comes back up, I’ve read the stuff online and well, I guess next stop: Genius Bar.

It’s sunday, a nice day out, and yesterday I wrote about a lizard. Big deal, but I do wonder, is there something you want me to explain, perhaps about GR, work, etc? Issue 50 was supposed to have a forum or something where we’d answer some questions, but it didn’t happen. I can do it here for you.