Gwen Stefani and HP

Why Japan? Is it to keep up that image of Harajuku girls? Yes, Tokyo is a neat place, and the image this commercial brings out shows Tokyo as being neat, and maybe you’ll have fun blogging or making a scrap book out of your experiences there. Since most Americans don’t travel, this isn’t about trying to tell you to go there, it’s about putting you in touch with far away places without leaving your computer.

In the end, the site gives you a little, check it out at The neat commercial goes away, and in some ways my guess was correct, you get to do stuff, and buy stuff from your desktop vicariously through Gwen Stefani. It’s HP, no doubt. They don’t want you to go anywhere, but they do want to give you a taste of a faraway place that looks neat. How about a blog entry for her trip or tour in Japan? It would have been nice to see something a bit less scripted and more integrated with the Lost in Translation like, commercial. Neat start, then it fizzles on the site.