Left Foot

Boss man… So one of the employees at gr/eats Mr Canseco, no relation to the steroid abuser, takes a nap during the post lunch pre dinner break time. I guess he’s been doing this in a quiet corner area behind the restaurant. Sounds pretty tame. But today, a truck ran over his foot. Both wheels front and back. Laying down and having a foot up to then having it run over sounds like a mess. He said he popped up since his foot got straightened, and the guy in the truck said it was his fault and left, although he’s not hard to find. What do I do? Mr Canseco has no insurance… this happened on both of our lots since it’s in the back… actually perhaps it’s more of the neighbor’s lot since the back is their alleyway.

Instead of doing my work, I had to do some other work: find a doctor, take him to the doctor, and then give him a ride home. He seemed more interested in my car than anything else. Nice guy. I think his foot will be fine with ice and some Tylenol, but tomorrow is X ray day. Who knows. Hope it’s not fractured.