Around the World in 13 days

Been gone on a whirlwind around the globe experience thus the lack of blog time. From HK I flew to Venice for the film festival then to Toronto for their film festival then to La for the Imprint Conference, then up to SF to say hi to my parents then back to HK. Literally around the world in 13days. This is the second time this year I’ve flown around the world. First time for pleasure this time for work. Although I saw and experienced a lot and met a lot of really cool people…it was damn tiring! Just trying to get over jet lag in each time zone forced me to get back on the coffee drip. Like the photo above however, I shouldn’t complain. People yearn to travel the world and probably never leave their neighborhood and here I am doing it twice in one year. Here are some photos:
Had some time off in Venice to go check out the art at the Biennale. The Biennale encompasses Art, Music, Design and Film. I’ve been to Venice three times for the film festival but this is the first time I had a chance to go over to the other islands and check out the art and design stuff.
I don’t own a gun and probably never will but I do like them purely as design pieces. The ultimate melding of form and function. This exhibit celebrated the king of all machine guns the Kalishnikov, otherwise known as the AK-47.

Not sure what this one was all about but it’s always cool to see that Bruce Lee is someone of cultural significance in other people’s eyes.
This photo still haunts me.

Our film, Blood Brothers, was selected as the closing film of the festival thanks to staunch Chinese film supporter and festival director Marco Muller. Being the closing film has it’s drawbacks, mainly because it happens right after the awards ceremony so not much media in attendance. Ang Lee won the Golden Lion for the second time for Lust Caution proving he’s really got the skills to pay the bills. I think we can write off The Hulk as an anomaly now.
Liu Ye, Shu Qi, Chang Chen fooling aorund on the red carpet.

After Venice, Chang Chen, Lulu Lee, director Alexi Tan and I headed off to Toronto while Liu Ye and Shu Qi went back home. Our first day in Toronto was a free day so Chang Chen and I took a side trip to see Niagra Falls. Watching Chang Chen stare off into the falls made me think of Happy Together. Life imitates art. Weird.
In the world of lawn mowing, this has to be one of most sought after gigs in the world.
The Toronto screening was awesome actually I should say the Toronto crowd was awesome. Thanks for all the love! Respect to T-town!

Next morning I was off on my own to LA for the GR sponsored Imprint Conference. I arrived just in time for my panel discussion. Met tons of cool people, Jeff Staple, John Jay, Ben Hundreds, and reconnected with other old friends, Eric, Martin, Dan the Automator, Aly. So many talented individuals in one place could only be orchestrated by the one and only Giant Robot crew!
Afterwards we hit the legendary secret LA beef spot. I had heard about this place from Dan and Eric and it definitely lived up to it’s legend. “The best tounge I’ve ever had!” exclaimed the excited foodie, Dan The Automator. I must agree, the best cuts of beef I’ve ever had in my life.
Eric Nakamura, Me, Dan The Automator, Jeff Staple. No, the beef spot was not a McDonald’s.
The next day I hit the Barry McGee show and I must say it was pretty amazing. The sheer size of the exhibit and volume of pieces shocked me. Barry is a stud!
I’ve never seen so many hipsters in one place but I’m so glad I decided to stay in LA one day longer for this show. It really, truly was amazing!
This sign reminded me of when I was in highschool and I spent the whole night hiding in the bushes across the street shooting out the G of the Stuart Anderson’s Black Angus sign with a bb gun. After LA, I headed up to SF to catch up on sleep and see my parents before heading back to HK. Around the World in 13 Days, business and pleasure in perfect harmony!