they do or they don’t

Jimmy! said…

Sooo… I saw the flyer for Geisai SF. That looks like a big night but I think I’ll stay in NY for the group show. Also, looks like you guys are building a relationship w/ Staple. Very nice… oh, I guess I’ll comment on your sandwich… it’s uhmm.. very nice and delicious looking, there.

Jimmy, so kind of you to write about all of our NY shows in crazy weird detail. Anyways, I guess reading your entry above, which is probably just a quick comment, but “looks like you guys are building a relationship…”

No, we don’t do this. We just do shit. Relationships, that’s for scenesters who want something. I don’t go to sneaker parties so I can get free shit, or get a free shirt, or make an extra dollar by shaking a hand. I don’t even want to make a sneaker. I don’t even want to make a toy right now. I don’t even want to go outside. So yeah, “building” a relationship, as if I was making a LEGO® Millenium Falcon? No.

I also don’t want a thing from jeffstaple. I do like his designs, his aesthetics, Reed Space is one of the few stores where I actually buy something… But I don’t want anything. He’s a cool guy and I leave it at that. When we cross paths, it’s a good thing, it’s not loaded with “what can I get from him, or vice versa.” That’s the wrong mentality for me.

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I think in the end, a lot of the fellas who do this collab stuff are all friends anyway. So I think I took Jimmy’s comment to sound like I’m trying to get in this group of people. But no. GR is just light years away in a different direction, probably straight down. That’s why I’m a guy plowing away, sometimes alone. If we collab, a lot of times it’s with people you’ve never heard of. Maybe I haven’t figured out how to do it yet, or something, but right now, that’s not what I’m trying to do, at least with the “streetwear” CEOs, who seemed to have figured out the “X” thing quite well. But if you don’t build relationships, how else will you find a girlfriend?, so it’s not evil, and I guess, yes, it actually is like building a Millenium Falcon. Also keep note, Jimmy’s blog title, AsupremeNewYorkthing. It’s already a multilayered satire, at least I think it is. He does call em like he sees em.