gifts from Eishi Takaoka

So, this is sure to make you look. It’s a tenugui, ala, David Horvath’s mothman flatwoods item. But this is one from an ero shop of some sort. Why I get this as a present, and what’s it really for? Uh, thanks Eishi, but don’t you need it?

For relaxing times, make it crunchy dried squid from Kagoshima. Tasty and good, the crackers and chips from Eishi’s region are great. Unlike in the US, there are different treats and snacks from the different regions in Japan. Imagine, it’s the size of California, and if you were a food person, travelling to taste the local foods is a doable thing. I guess if I drove to San Diego, I could eat tacos, and if I went to SB, maybe some seafood, and SF, a burrito, all with fries, but you and I know that it’s not the same.