Air plants Tillandsia

Know anything about these? I’m new to it, finding one for $4 at a flea market. Within a week or so of spray bottle watering, since there’s no dirt for it, 3 flowers are starting to come out. It didn’t come with the wood, that’s some cheap thing I picked up at a hardware store. The weird thing was that at a flea market I saw a piece of drift wood, it was nothing special, no better than these examples of “Grape wood” but it was $20! These are like $5 and 3.

I picked this one up, it’s different for sure, and we’ll see how well it does.
In case you can’t tell these don’t need dirt, they really don’t need anything, although it’s said that they’ll grow onto the wood over time. But it’s not a leech, it’s self sufficient. You can read more about them here: at