The Field Museum

That's me next to a Mold A Rama machine. You don't see many of these, but when you do, rejoice in it. A rare beast, you won't see any on the westcoast, hardly any on the east coast, and there you have it. It's something special. The Field Museum has 4 of them and they spit out dinosaurs! A lot of you kids won't even know what I'm talking about. $2 gives you a cool replica made of wax! I'm holding on in the photo. That's a stegasaurus in pretty orange. I seriously want one of these machines. Have one for me? It's amazing how nice they look especially when they have to be something like 30 or 40 years old.

These masks are amazing, aren't they? They're as creative as the work by the kids who do art today.

That's an awesome Mastodon! Nearly a full skeleton. These must be hard to come by. This animal would have eaten Goh (in green) whole.

The baby mammoth! It's here at the Field. I had no idea. Lyuba! Found in the permafrost. Here's a link. I read about this then, and was glad to see Lyuba in person. Read about the find at the Reuters link. Imagine the folks who found Lyuba in the snow. How did an elephant get here must have been their thought.

Lyuba was behind glass. I'm sure this fate was never in her mind.

Totem poles are cool. Again, I'll bet they'll enter some kid's artwork soon and hope he/she makes it work. I hope it does.

Sue - is the T Rex in the lobby. A great collection of bones. This is also a rare sight. It's the best complete skeleton and Sue also has a wiki entry.

These are better than toy figures.

The back side of Sue

With a fist in the air, our walk about was pretty fun. A nice day in Chicago, you didn't need a jacket. Then it got cold a day later.