Chicago 2 moments

This building's side looked amazing. It's not art, but it does look like it. We were walking around downtown Chicago in the art area, and I wonder how many students must stop and trip out on this. Now that I shot this photo, it's ready to be tagged, bombed, and added on to. Get to it kids.

Eugenia and Emily Wang (the mini heart beat of FAAIM) She looks 12, but no, she is not. Give her a minute and she can code a website or edit down a video.

Smoque is a BBQ spot that's pretty good. This is the brisket. Aside from the tasty everything, I dig the cole slaw. Why is cole slaw so good sometimes?

That's Michael Aki and Eugenia Yuan before their film, Strangers was set to start. Something must have been great on Eugenia's cell phone.

The ceiling of Longman & Eagle. Done by artist Cody Hudson - one of the rad artists in Chicago. It's been a while, since I heard from him, but he's definitely working. It's all pieces of wood.

Cody Hudson Art at Longman & Eagle. He's part owner of this place. The food is quite great.

That's Mirai Itamae san Andy and Goh Nakamura standing in front of Longman & Eagle.

This is punk rock. At first I thought it was a leftover tire, from a pillaging of a lone bike. But no, this is how they roll in Chicago. This too is a fixed gear.