Giant Robot, filmmaking, and whatever comes with it, takes you places sometimes. Today, it's Chicago. A film I made is showing tonite, a panel discussion I'm on comes up on tuesday. Meanwhile, I'm staying in a great high rise, which has not much in it. That means, I can get work done in this insanely cool setting. It's cold outside, which means, yes, I'll stay in. Chinese American brutha, Tim Hugh runs this film festival. It's stripped down, quite indie, and sort of walks to it's own beat. In a way, that's how I do things - for better or worse and it's fun to meet others who mesh well and do things their own way.

The film will even show at the Siskel Center which by name has to be the greatest film center in the world! Right? Siskel of Siskel and Ebert! Although it's an honor to be invited places, which actually happens often, but it's usually for work that I've done. I'm now working to hopefully get invited for the things I'm doing tomorrow.

What lake is this anyway? I should know, but I don't.