Daniel Dae Kim

Jin! No, it's Daniel Dae Kim! No, it's Jin! The funny thing is when you talk to him, he's definitely not Jin. He's born and raised on the east coast and also plays tennis. It's funny, for a sec we geeked out on some tennis jargon talk. We're going hit one day. But I put him on my blog since he visited gr/eats today. His meal is cut off, that's secret. The Ai Yamaguchi piece is still there. Do know that there's going to be an upcoming event that I'm proud to be part of that involves Daniel. It's not official yet, but it'll most likely be in May and for sure in LA. I'll drop word when it gets set up. Below we're outside getting blasted by the sun. 2050 sawtelle Blvd gr/eats. Come on through.