Photo time

It's been rainy in Southern California, so you see boots like these once in a while. They're not true NYC snow boots that break ice with each stride. These are the kind that look cool and fun even when you walk through inch deep puddles. If they're holding a GR bag with them on... even better. If you see Michelle Borok on Sawtelle and it's raining, she might be wearing these.

The hipster grifter 2. I saw this at ANAP store on Sawtelle. This girl is apparently well known on Sawtelle blvd as a thief. I wish the photo were bigger. Reportedly, she's Korean and she's holding a boba.

Childrens! These two were nutty and funny at Scion before the show.

Children part 2. That's Kika. She likes anything warm. My computer gets super hot, and she'll put her paw and face on it. If I leave, she'll sleep on the entire keyboard.