Giant Robot Post It 4 - the set up. Starts tomorrow

Post It 4 at Giant Robot 2. The install usually takes hours, but tonite it took a large crew 3 hours. People came in and got everything up pretty quickly. The fourth time around, the show has gotten easier and easier. Imagine, in the beginning we had to package each one that was sold. Imagine sorting out nearly 1600 Post Its... It takes a month. Now, the job is easier and has become nearly a science. It's cash and carry, but we don't want you touching anything. The sign up is at 6pm. Art begins selling at 6:30. If you're number 20 in line, it could take nearly an hour of wait depending on how quick the 19 in front of you choose. Relax and shop at Giant Robot 1. We'll love you for it.

Every year, we say the show is better than the year before. This year, we'll have to say the same. Each artist submitted great work. It's amazing how there's some art by people who none of us know. How?! What the heck? Well, it's great they sent donated submissions. We'll put the money to good use.

So much great help.

"aw, this is a nice one!"