Sights and sounds

Megan Whitmarsh in her studio. She's a rad artist, and although you don't see too much art in there at the moment, that's a good sign, it means it's all somewhere else. Like the concept of trusting a big chef, it's good when an artist has no art around.

Ben Clark at Little Flower Candy Shop in Pasadena. They make good sandwiches.

I liked the graphics. Old school and so bad it's good. The Tempura font on the right is amazing.


Look at the names. Winona got facial hair. That's irresponsible design. All they had to do was shift the names a little, and I don't think that Winona blond, but oh well.

Ikea selling Shinjuku lamp shades. Why?!

Red Lantern lampshades are sort of funny in concept.

You have to read what they mean to know what they mean, so why not just write what the f*ck to do instead?