Albert Reyes Halloween Maze

Albert Reyes compound in El Sereno hosted the annual Halloween haunted house maze. Bigger than last year and the year before by all accounts, the cavernous fuel for fire had numerous turns and features. My favorite being the secret observation deck. You'd never know that it was there. Albert says this took a year to build! It was great seeing Albert take material from almost everywhere for this, and although it looked sketchy, he insists it's very safe.

The View from above.

Albert made what looks like a soweto.

Ayako Fujitani on the second floor.

See the second floor? That's balcony.

A mini art show took place with Albert Reyes, Matt Furie, and Aiyana Udesen.

Albert served me up tamales!

Here's some images from the inside of the haunted maze.

Ryan Reyes insists that his mom made the penis. But the pelvic thrusts were his own.

Megan Whitmarsh who raided Mike Kelley's trash.

Matt Furie. Anyone know who the comedian mask is?