Turn for the Worse in the Shepard Fairey vs AP

This is a bit heartbreaking, although it doesn't diminish the power of the image, the campaign, and all that. Read all of the parts, if you're that into it. Either way, it seems like Shepard erred somewhere, and has come out to talk about it and fess up. It's a bit nuts, and in the end, it seems like he really didn't need to mess around. His case was fine as it was. Wasn't it? This is the AP side of it at the link below. I still think the AP should back off, or else come to a realistic agreement with Fairey or charge him for a license and not try and take portions from his sales which were all put into the campaign. Then again, I'm sure the AP is seeing dollar signs from him. They're only going after him because his rendition was iconic and made money. The other hundreds of Obama images which came from other images, which I'm sure include AP? The planet needs to be consistent.