The Goods

Retrofitted nautical binocular. Cleaned up, chromed, and shiny, this is a Zeiss periscope type item. I'm not sure if it's from a sub since, a two foot periscope might not help much. It's a nice looking piece of vintage machinery.

Whoa, my name is on the back of the T shirt by Hysteric Glamour. I doubt many of you will get to see the shirt itself. It's uncommon and quite pricey! Maybe I'll actually wear it one day, but for now, my cat sleeps on it!

Even from above, it's a nice view. Yes, riff raff is up here. I saw a woman get smacked and she fell 3 rows. She was then led away by security. The slap to her head echoed from seriously 100 or more yards away. It just so happens that The Dodgers also won game 2 in insane fashion. Bottom of the 9th with two outs.