Twentieth Century Boy - The event.

Rolan Bolan and Masakatsu Sashie. Sashie drew a nice gift for Rolan. Imagine an event that was just an idea two years ago that finally came true. Here are the words on the intro wall:

Two years ago, Darren Romanelli posed the question to young contemporary Japanese artist Masakatsu Sashie, "What kind of music do you like?" Her answer "T-Rex!". This "Exhibition" spawned from that moment and worlds began to collide. Masakatsu Sashie has shown with Eric Nakamura and Giant Robot in America, and he resides in the Japanese Sea city of Kanazawa. Somehow, T-Rex has invaded his life as well.

If you're new to T-Rex, imagine the the late 60s and early 70s, when English rock pushed every boundary. T-Rex invented a style of glam and brought it to rock n roll sharing influences and impacting almost all of his contemporaries including Bowie, Bauhaus, the Damned, and many others. Led by Marc Bolan, songs such as Bang a Gong, has reached world household status today as it's appeared in nearly every medium.

Fusing a relationship with Marc Bolan's son Rolan, and Rolan's mother, Gloria Jones, this event featuring the art of Masakatsu Sashie, honors the late rock star in an event that's long overdue. Mark Bolan may have passed away on September 16, 1997, just shy of his 30th birthday, but his legacy is gaining momentum everyday. Sing a silent Happy Birthday, as you've actually stepped into his 62nd birthday party.

Darren Romanelli and Eric Nakamura would like to thank:
Light of Love
Marc Bolan School of Music and Film
For Your Art
Hysteric Glamour

That's me and Lupe Fiasco, the Superstar. He's taller than me! I thought he was short!

Wait, maybe he is.

Gloria Jones

Hysteric Glamour

Romanelli family

Joe and fans