Ostrich Feed Solvang

This car sits outside of Ostrich Land. I'm not sure if it's the greatest thing around, but for a few bucks, you can get some feed, and from across the fence, you can feed ostriches. They're not friendly, since all they want is your food. Use two hands so you don't get your finger bit off... Once you run out of food, they'll move on to the next person with more food. It's sort of like this video, which is super short.

This is the LEGO section of Danish Days which happens once a year over a specific weekend. LEGO, Denmark. Yes!

Inside of a clock shop, tons of cuckoo clocks. I guess these are Danish.

This is a Danish lunch. Sausage, pickled cabbage, mashed potatoes and gravy.

Paper cutting by Rick James Marzullo, who's pretty good.

I bought this piece from him. It's tiny. Maybe 2 1/2" across.

Birds at the beach in Carpinteria on the way back down.