_____ Art Collection

I guess I mean this one to be sort of funny. No blogging of art, no publishing of photos, but you're allowed to take shots of the work in this unmarked building. It's pretty rad that people with resources (money), can have buildings that are 5 stories + roof in the Westside of LA and fill them with art work. It's like walking around a museum, it's huge, the work is gigantic, and I hear they need work that fits in the elevator, or they have to bring it through a window via a window washing type apparatus. There's no freight elevator in the building. It must have been an old bank. It would be fun to curate a place like this. I'm sure people fight over it. I'm not sure what the criteria is to see this, but I think students and maybe friends of curators can get in. I'm friends with Clement from JANM. That helps.