4th of July, Japanese style

This is looking good. It's Takoyaki. It's an octopus ball, a treat that might have it's origins in Osaka, Japan. Done right, these taste amazing. I was at a Japanese BBQ. This is how it's done. Forget the hotdogs, that's junk, this is a different look at the 4th of July. It's a bit firm on the outside, and super soft inside.

Look at the outfit. She's the takoyaki expert.

It goes in like liquid and you put the fixins inside and let it cook. You need a metal poker to turn it around. At a BBQ, you need to put the foil to keep the flame from going out and keeping the heat in.

Once you add everything in, you use the stick to clean off the sides of the circles. Remember to prime the takoyaki grill first. 30 minutes on a hot stove with oil.

Money Mark back from Bonnaroo. Here's when I saw him last. blog link.

Steven Murashige, the host.

Yakisoba with kimchee and pork.