Donutman and Seikoen

Jim Nakano from the Donutman. Yes, took another trip and ran into him in the parking lot with his strawberries. These are smaller in size, yet they're super sweet. Although Donutman strawberry donuts are always good, the first thing Jim said was, these are going to be better than last time, and they were. Catch Jim in the AM at the Donutman. He's the coolest guy. The staff loves GR.

Seikoen in Torrance... lovely raw liver. It's Korean food done in a Japanese setting. That round hole on the piece on the right is a bit freaky, but I ate it anyway. It's served with a salt, oil, garlic dipping sauce.

Tripe and tongue on the far plate. Heart and chicken on the nearer plate. These went on the BBQ. I'd suggest this place.