Asian Pacific Film Festival people

Interviewing filmmakers is a fun job actually. Even when you have to do 20 of them! That's my gig for the I brushed up and memorized the films of each person and had to formulate questions pretty much on the fly. I'm not sure if this is second nature or not since in the end, I feel like I'm doing a pretty good job at it all without knowing that much about each film. I don't get to preview 20 films or anything like that... so, I do the best I can. I'd like to see others do this. I'll bet they'll flounder. Above is Anna Chi who did Dim Sum Funeral.

24 year old Mark Tran helmed All About Dad. A first film

Curtis Choy, a soundman, and over all rad dude has a film who's name is super long. Manillatown in the Art (Time Travel with Al Robles). His subject passed away yesterday according to many sources. I hope his family and Curtis Choy are doing alright.

Anderson Le and Stephane Gauger (Vietnam Overtures)

Anderson and Shinae Yoon the Executive Director

Denise Okamoto and Shinae Yoon