David Choe Dirty Hands Harry Kim SFIAAFF Poleng

The day started off cold. The weather was tough all around. I have no idea why I took this photo. It was in Japantown right across from the Hotel Tomo. Do they look alike? This was my last full day there.

Harry getting ready. Notice the dudes just hang out, and the ladies get pretty.

Just before we're out to get out. I think Harry was nervous.

The Q and A, Harry listens to the David Choe taped message.

Strange image, but this is post screening at the Dirty Hands merch table. Harry had fans talking to him, it was great.

At the Poleng. Ok. I forget the tallest Asian girl's name. It starts with an M. That's Jean Sun on the right.

Sheldon and Shilpi Gupta.