SFIAAFF Day 1 opening night at the festival

This is the outside of the Castro Theater in SF. That's the Toyota Matrix. Parked in front. I swear the rims on this car are huge making those tires look tiny. This theater seats 1400 and Dirty Hands, the David Choe film will be showing here Saturday. I'll be there. Tonight I saw My Dear Enemy, a Korean film that opened up the film festival. I don't know if I loved the film, but people had a great time.

This is Sheldon, my director of The Dwelling.
That's Cynthia Otteson on the left. What were they looking at?

Shinae Yoon and Anderson Le, part of the film festival world of party people. Do they actually work? I swear a drink is always in hand. Anderson from the Hawaii film festival and the LA Film Festival and the VC Film Festival is looking rather dapper. Shinae has powerful dimples. This is what film festival programmer types look like.

Janine who once worked at GRSF. She reps really great candy, from uhhhhh. Forgot the name of the brand. Damn...

I can't say I'm part of the team. But this is the HP Mendoza posse. He has a film in the festival called Fruit Fly. Click on the link to see a trailer. It's an Asian American musical! It's sometimes the Rich Wong posse. He's the cinematographer, but he also makes films. Last year, it was the actress, Ling Li posse. What a trippy link, I guess she also models. She looks smashing. (old school word).

My cousin Goh Nakamura. Glad to see people loving his music. He handed me his new CD. Click on his link to hear him.

CHECK OUT this post from last year. I'm alarmed at how long it is, but it has some of the same folks in it. One year flies by so quick.

CHECK OUT the post from opening night last year. One big difference was no dim sum. Budget cuts? There were tons of people at the Castro theater tonite.

Minor video. But you can see the organist at the Castro with the Giant Robot slide popping up.