Myself X Kiyoshi Kurosawa Apple Store

I worried and worried about knowing enough about the guy for too long. If I didn't though, would I feel prepared? Would I do well? I'm not sure. I swear I did all I could in a short amount of time to be ready. Watched some of his movies, read about it, took notes, thought back to my days at UCLA as an East Asian Studies major (Japanese emphasis), GR work, and came up with a short list of questions. link to Tokyo Sonata site. Here's the release schedule.

This is what the back of the Apple store looks like. I was kidding that we were like thieves jammed up back here, but they really put thieves back here while they call the police. If you see this room, it means you did something bad. So I hope you never do. Yet being back here with the filmmaker made a bit of pressure mount more. I've come recommended by translator / filmmaker Linda Hoaglund as being good at this and they talked about it for a bit.

That's us with mics in our faces. Mr Kurosawa answers questions with a lot of care and he's quite gracious and genuine. That alone should tell you to see Tokyo Sonata when it makes it runs in theaters. That is Mr Taro Goto the translator on the left. He did a great job, and I had no idea he was adept at doing translations from Japanese to English. I know him as part of the film festival in SF, and as a producer of some indie films.

This is the sign. I guess it got on indieWire I don't know much about indieWire except it's film related. Either way, the event went well at the Apple store. It's pretty much an honor to do things there.