Giant Robot Tokyo! Screening at the Egyptian Michel Gondry and Ayako Fujitani

Giant Robot presented Tokyo! by Michel Gondry, Bong Joon-ho, and Leos Carax. The cool thing is that Michel Gondry and Ayako Fujitani (the lead actress) made a special appearance. It wasn't on the schedule, so it was a great surprise. He did a long Q and A afterwards, which was quite nice. He's an interesting dude for sure and won't hesitate to tell the truth. It's funny how he at some points cuts the moderator down a bit, with the funny quips, but that's his style. The Q and A went for at least 30 minutes, which is pretty long. Then it was free Sapporo. Before the screening I actually stood up at the press area, and was photographed with Michel and Henry for some press outlets. Check out Tokyo! It's opening soon and it's a cool film about my favorite city.

Henry Rollins was there. It was great to meet him. I said only stupid stuff. What can you say to Henry? He did say something to the effect of, "I'm cooler standing next to you." I don't think so, Henry. I forgot to mention, I intro'd the film, threw out shirts, and one of them made it to the upper level of the Egyptian. I challenge anyone to do that with a t shirt, size medium.

The Spences, who read GR since issue 3. They're still reading and complimented us on the Obama coverage. It was unique, and I'm glad they appreciated it.

I'm BEAU SIA! If you see him live, this is how he ends his shows.

Michel Gondry and Ayako Fujitani. A bunch asked if they are a couple. Ask Perez...