Giant Robot Silverlake is closing

Yes, the Silver Lake store is closing. Really, I didn't think it would be a big deal, and maybe it's really not.

Giant Robot Silver Lake is a much smaller shop than the normal GR stores we have in LA, SF, and NYC. We put a lot of love into it. Yet it's closing for a few reasons.
1) We actually went past three years there. That duration is past what our sublease originally stated, and we decided to move on.
2) I can't say it's a victim to the economic downturn. That's actually unfair to say. It's smaller, there's less merchandise, although it does rotate a lot. It would still be easy to keep it running until the end of time. If all we did was a Giant Robot Silver Lake store, then you'd see us sitting at in that exact shop a year from now. But when an exit strategy presented itself, we decided to take it. So, no it's not only "the economy" in this particular case. Some economists would argue, it wasn't good enough from the get go-over three years ago. Yet we chose to keep it open because we like Silver Lake.
3) This doesn't mean we do not want open another shop in a different location in Silver Lake or elsewhere. If a great space is available, tell me or show me.
4) At the moment, we're working on Giant Robot issue 59 in our fifteenth year, we have our shops running in West LA, SF, and NYC, and gr/eats in West LA.