Deharavath Aftermath 2

Dehara's figures look cool. Any way you handle them and shoot them, they always look cool. This photo is post Deharavath 2. See Dehara and Yoko blur in the back ground? It's early still. They look a little bored. Things in this sequence of photos are out of order. This one is at the beginning of spot #2.

This one is really late in the night. Philly cheesesteak on Housten. Dehara was in fine form.

A sake bomb. I caught the bombs going in the beer. This took place at spot #2 in the Lower East Side called Satsko. Strange spelling for a Japanese name. The place is cool, and a Totoro video on!

Monstre Hero from Florida! They make great toys all by hand.

More Dehara shenanigans

Deharavath. David was tired, but you'd never know.

Carlo McCormick, his little man, and Horvath. The little man was in awe that he met David. David look a little tired here. That's what happens when you go across country and work like a dog, it catches up.