Airplane observations

Swiss Air. Amazing graphics. So simple and so good. I saw this while rolling by. It's not the Helvetica Bold, but it's the tiny text next to it. Four lines that fit just right. The tail has the + sign. It's clean. The engine is another great detail. Two red boxes next to each other with more Helvetica in it.

That's the wing of a Virgin America plane with New York under it. The patterns of the snow are interesting. I'm not sure if it's because people travel and melt it, or if it's just how it melts. I wonder where this is. It's a narrow strip of land with neighborhoods and neighborhood. I'll tell you what I was thinking while we flew over: wouldn't it be cool if I lived down there, and were able to walk across a neighborhood to see water on both ends? You can do it in Manhattan, but this is much smaller.