Beth & Boom Rice Picker Skater!

We've come a long way! Not in perhaps Mexico though. Check out the goofy footed skater. Evidently it's a figure and under the rice picker hat was chocolate. I have no idea what kind. It came in the mail from Scott Wolfson out of NYC. I thought it was the latest attempt at a "Designer vinyl" figure, but I was wrong. Instead, it's a strange novelty toy and as jokey as can be. Am I offended? No, but will others be? Of course. It's playing on every wrong stereotype imaginable to an Asian, except, he skates. Scott's site: Eggsmcmanus.

I'm not sure if people get more offended when stuff like this happens on their own soil. Do they give a "pass" when it's from another country? It seems like it, since values, social awareness, p.c. ness, may be different there.

Here's a link to the product. It doesn't tell you anything about it, but maybe someone out there knows more. There's small writing in Spanish, Portuguese, and German.