Post It 3 Giant Robot

Post It 3 was amazing. Tons of people, tons of Post Its, and I think people were happy. It's rare that you can get through the night and people aren't crazy and mad. But we did alright. Of course you have to wait, but with the $20 Post Its, amazing artists, and a great vibe, it worked out well. A lot of artists showed up too. The Robots. I don't know who these kids were, but there were actually 4, but these two struck a pose. See the rest of the pics here.

These were gone quick. When I complimented Gary, he said, "That's how I do it." I dunno about that, Gary.

This was a surprise. Kiyoshi wearing a Shari Sakahara sweatshirt. I forgot he even had one. I got one too. I wonder who out there has them, and if they know the story behind the sweatshirt. Shari!


It was like this all night.

Lisa Bling Ling!

Johnny Ryan and Tim Hensley - what a great photo

The Three Wise Men - Steve Weissman, Johnny Ryan, and Jordan Crane.