Giant Robot 57 - Obama Art cover

New issue of GR. Behind the scenes just a bit: Yes, it's an Obama cover, by David Choe, most of you may have seen his other image, but this is actually a water color that was almost like a study, but sometimes, the studies turn out to be great. This is one of those examples. Upper Playground worked with this image as well, in their huge quest in helping the ascension of Barack Obama as a candidate and President.

Why an Obama cover? Perhaps some of you are sick of seeing pop culture images of the President-Elect. I honestly was getting to that point, and that's when I thought maybe I could learn more about it, and explain it to others who maybe felt the same way. I happen to have the access, so I actually wrote an article about how Street Art worked with the Obama movement. I tried to explain the story of how artists like Shepard Fairey, Date Farmers, David Choe, Ron English, and many many others, with the help of brands like Upper Playground, Obey Giant, and an artist friendly PR dude, Yosi Sergant helped make street art play a role in this election.

It's one of my longer articles, and I did the best I could to construct stories from different angles.

Part two, we have an exclusive interview with Barack Obama's sister - I guess "The First Sister" Maya Soetoro-Ng. Her words are great too and we have a couple of cool photos of her and her brother in his old crib. Yep, he eats cereal just like us. Hope you like it.