Tao of Pig - how strong are you?

Sotukung Samgupsal. I say this when I wake up three times. I'm not that strong, but I went for it. That's pork, and tons of it. This restaurant has a lot of seafood, but before that, it was once known for it's pork. We went to try it. The Korean bacon scene has been around. What doesn't exist in Korean food? There's a lot of fat in the meat, but that's bacon. On a grill, the fatty part rolls off of the mountain peak like grill.

The bacon looks and tastes pretty good. I'm hearing that Honey Pig is a place to check out too. How can  you go wrong? Sotukung Samgupsal or Honey Pig?

Thats' what it looks like when it shows up. 16.99 per person at dinner. All you can eat. I think I ate three pigs.

That's Jean making a great face, and that's Harry

Song Kang Ho looking handsome peddling the Soju. I'm a fan, so it's ok that he looks up at me, while pork goes in my mouth. Want to challenge your body to a war it can't win? 

703 S Vermont Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90005