E Waste Where Macs go to Die

E-Waste disposal is interesting. You can load it into your car but you can't unload it from your car. They don't want you taking it out yourself. They even stand there waiting for people to pull in. Why is that? I got rid of many pounds of gear. Old beige Macs and monitors. All working actually, but just so out of date that you can't put any new OS into it. It's strange to have to dump perfectly working gear, just because it's old. I'd feel better if it were broken.

The limit for gear is 6 pieces, but they said more is fine, as long as you don't pull in a truck load. I could tell the dudes unloading the gear were taking a look at it, perhaps wondering if it could still sell, but these? I doubt it. Mac 8500? 9600? I don't think so. Until this drop off, I had a pretty hard to beat Mac collection. 7100, 8500, 9600, g3, g4s, g4 cube, g5, Imacs, various laptops, and slowly i'm getting rid of the ones that are useless.