Ball State campus Museum of Art - Muncie, Indiana

Expression is Art!!! Expand Your Mind!! Martin points that out as an example of Ball State street art. Yeah, it's a little behind the times. Maybe we can all say, "retro" style, echoing Brooklyn sidewalks... not. I did read that the Ball State Museum of Art might be one of the best in the state. 

Fall Colors, they're really amazing on the campus.

Check out the yellow. This was like a beacon. Super bright yellow. You couldn't miss it.

In the museum, you can see etchings and prints. This is from Picasso. Check out the hairy characters he was drawing. This could be a page in Kramer's Ergot.

Only if I could organize my junk like Leo Sewell. This guy is amazing. Now it's time to learn more about him.

Even the cock n balls are done right.

This is an Alexander Calder. You can even see the paint strokes.

Miniature Indian Paintings. The work is smaller than a 8 1/2 x 11. And the detail is crazy.

Amida Buddha. I don't know why there are coins in front of him. I suppose it's an offering, but the other Buddha had none. It's an amazing piece. 

In case you didn't know David Letterman went to Ball State.