Halloween 2008

While people were out dancing around in costume at events set up to take your money and possibly drunk or drug you up, I watched the Ultimate Fighter rerun, bought candy, put in a light bulb at the front of my house, and waited. It's silent outside, and my area, definitely has kids, maybe not the most, but not one doorbell hit until past 8pm. That was the only one of the night. A big crew of Latinos with their kids, maybe 8-10 of them came through. I gave them as much candy as I could, and as they walked down the street, i took a peek, all dark houses. Not many with their lights on. Is it all about going to malls, going to church parties, and so on just to be safe? Are people scared of the blades in apples, poison or melamin in their candy? Or is it the drive by? What happened to egging people or just being outside? 

It's all over, and new generation of people will just never know how rad it was to see kids everywhere on the streets on Halloween. From sunset, till about 9pm. Mayhem. Maybe it still takes place in the smaller towns.

-okay, another point of view, thanks to Mr Poon.... Maybe I saved their night. Every house dark, mine, the beacon with a light on the porch, they come, ding dong, I answer, and it's candy galore. No kid left behind. The rest of the block, pretty dark...