Calling All Hands - check out Bitch magazine

I'm not a regular reader of Bitch magazine. Let me start off by stating that. That doesn't mean I don't like it, but what I have in common is the ongoing interest in indie publishing. Imagine, they've been around for a bit, much like Giant Robot, and they face exactly the same problems as we do, daily. Printing costs, shipping costs, bills, and so on never slows down. The difference between having the lights on and being off are always a slim margin. More than you may know.

We're part of an entity known as Small Press. Being an independent voice in publishing is rare these days, since most magazine no matter how small have either gone out of business or have been turned into corporate mouthpieces for larger publishing companies. It's actually a frightful position to be in the world of indie publishing currently. Internet boom 5.0, online ads, and a lot of attention has swung away from the venerable print publications. Especially the smaller ones.

Let's go macro. Substitute, "Asian" for Bitch's "feminist," in their subtitle, and you have us, we're actually in a similar boat as Bitch. Having had problems with distributors, being owed money, and scrambling to survive, indie publishing hasn't gotten any easier. They've resorted to being wide open in asking for help from their readers and supporters.

Here's a link to their post about saving Bitch magazine. Notice the amount of comments they've received. There's actually a great discussion between the readers, them, and some "experts" - who's names I recognize. That's really cool.
Here's their donation video pitch.

Here's their success post! Congrats, Bitch Magazine. It's great to see how your readers rally for you! They are even past the 75k mark.